👋 Hi, My name is Wout

☝️ About me

Hi, I'm Wout and I ❤️ computers! I'm mostly a web developer but I'm also currently making an app in Flutter and doing DevOps and stuff like that. I'm a very big fan of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and care deeply about privacy. Overall I'm really interested in anything having to do with computers. And I'm a really hard geek. I do my backend development with Node.js and frontend with the standard lagnuages, HTML,JS,Sass I'm a big fan of Postgresql for my SQL databases but I also know a bit of Mysql. I sometimes do hardware-related projects. Those consist mostly of Raspberry Pi's and Arduino's. I daily drive Linux as my Desktop OS and on my server (With Proxmox VE).

🤙 Connecting with me

The quickest response will probably via e-mail, you can contact me at woutiscoding@tutanota.com If that doesn't work you can always try my Linkedin, Wout Feys or my Discord, @Wout#1000 I'll probably respond in 3-5 days but I can't asure that.

🗂️ Currently working on

I am currently working on a bunch of projects but I can't really show them yet :/, I've taken all my previous sites offline due to them being deprecated but when a new project is almost ready it'l surely be listed here ;)